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Thread: Constipated???

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    My 3 month old hasn't had a bowel movement in 3 days. Is this normal? What can I do to help her?

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    Normal. After around 6 weeks, many exclusively breastfed babies will eventually slow down their bowel movement frequency to as little as once per week. It's not constipation. It's just that breastmilk digests so thoroughly and leaves so little waste that the baby doesn't need to poop every day. When she does go, however, expect a diaperbuster!!!

    There is nothing you should do at this point to "help" your baby except to continue to nurse on demand, take away any solids if you have been offering them (it's too early for them), and maybe put your baby in a warm bath if she seems uncomfortable. The warm water often stimulates a baby to poop. Of course, then you have to go and scrub the tub...!

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    Oh I went through that stress! After about 7 days mommal was right, it was a diaper buster. She proceeded to only have a bm every 7-10 days. Grant it during that time she was extremely gassy but no discomfort that she let me know about on her end and bm was completely normal (just a lot of it). These ladies were so helpful to me during that time frame too, more knowledgeable than my pediatrician's office. Hang in there and dreft stain remover is great for use on the clothes that she may have her blow out in. lol

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    Does my daughter hold the forum record? she once went 21 days.

    seriously, I know it is worrying but this is entirely normal unless there is any (other) reason to think baby is not getting ENOUGH milk.

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