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Thread: Feeding on one breast through the night?

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    Default Feeding on one breast through the night?

    I have pumping probelms, ( I'm sure a lot of women do) so throughout the night, I feed only off of one breast, so in the morning, I have one full and am able to pump at least 5 ounces. Will this hurt my supply? My daughter is 4 months in another week. Thanks Mamas.

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    Default Re: Feeding on one breast through the night?

    Personally, I probably wouldn't do it. Or at least make sure that the following night, I switched sides to even things out. There are some big growth spurts on the horizon for you still and I wouldn't want to risk my production on one side.

    My left side has always produced less than the right. Through all 3 girls it was a bit of an irritation point because I could give a full feeding off the right. But if I fed off the left, I'd also have to nurse off the right and double my nursing time. I was very diligent though with alternating sides every time. Although it was less milk, it was still milk and precious.

    It wasn't until my third turned 1 year old that I gave up with the left. I just stopped nursing on the left and became a one sided nurser. There are times I regret the decision. On the odd day that she gets distracted and bites me, or if she's just nursing like a fiend, it would be nice to be able to switch sides and give the right a break. But it is what it is. She's still nursing strong at 18 months.
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    Default Re: Feeding on one breast through the night?

    I wouldn't do it, either. By allowing the unused side to fill up and go all night long with no stimulation, you're telling it to reduce production. The milk it's making? The fullness tells your body "No thanks, not needed". I think it would be better to offer both breasts overnight, and then pump both in the morning.

    Can you tell us more about the pump problems you're having?

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