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Thread: How much is too much?

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    Default How much is too much?

    Im sorry this is so long but I dont want to leave anything out that may be important.
    We started Ellie on solids and she loves it! We started a little early as she was clearly ready and have been going strong for a little over 2 weeks now. She has had avocado, carrots, applesauce, oatmeal, sweet potato, peas and bananas (Introduced in that order). Everything is pureed as I am uncomfortable with actual solids at this point. We hold the spoon up and she throws her head forward to eat it. She also grabs the spoon or my hand and pulls it to her mouth. Our day care provider feeds her the same way so a spoon has never been shoved in her mouth.
    She is getting 9-12 oz of breast milk at daycare plus nursing twice in the morning, when I get home from work, after I eat dinner, before bed and once or twice overnight. The second time nursing in the morning and the second time overnight are new but it seems like they will be part of the schedule for awhile. I am confident she is getting at least 24 oz a day.
    She is getting about an oz each of oatmeal and a fruit for breakfast and an oz each of two veggies for dinner. Breakfast is as soon as she gets to daycare (less than an 30min after she nurses) and dinner is after she nurses when I get home from work.
    She has not rejected anything (she is shockingly clean after eating because she does not spit out anything) and seems to be looking for more when she is done. Her DCP noticed the same thing.
    She turned 6 months yesterday and has her check up today but I wanted to see what you ladies thought about food amounts and i know the doc will just say give her more. Since she has not slowed down at all with nursing should I up the food? She will turn away from bottles when she is full and she has done the same with the food a few times so I know she will tell me when she is finished. When I have fed her until she was finished she will immediately turn to me to nurse. If we 'run out' of food before she is done she will resist nursing unless I give her more. A few times I have given her about 1/2 an oz of fruit.
    The first week we only gave her food at dinner time and this week we added breakfast at daycare. Should I increase amounts, frequency, both or neither? I do not think she will nurse more than she currently is doing (I offer whenever I am with her and she asks for it when she wants it by trying to latch through my clothing and squeezing) I dont want her to be hungry and I dont think she is but I also dont think she is satisfied with what she is getting. Is 4oz throughout the day enough, too much?
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    Default Re: How much is too much?

    It sounds like you're doing just great with both nursing and solids. I personally wouldn't offer increased amounts of solids at this point, because you don't want the baby to start turning up her nose at bottles or nursing less because she's stuffed full of oatmeal or whatever. If she still seems hungry after eating a bowl of whatever, how about offering some finger foods? Things like Cheerios or little pieces of diced, steamed veggies... Too small to be choking hazards, and often they dissolve right in baby's mouth. They also offer practice with fine motor skills and they slow a baby down in terms of eating, because it takes time to pick each one up.

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