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Thread: 7 month old not gaining weight

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    My 7 month old has his 6 month check up yesterday and is in the 46th percentile in height but 1 percentile in weight and actually has lost weight since his 4 month check up. I have been nursing primarily and supplementing with a small portion of apple sauce for breakfast and about two servings of veggies or cereal at dinner. My doctor wants me to increase his solids to cereal and baby food three times a day to raise his calorie input. How many times and when should I nurse him?

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    Oz for oz, breastmilk has more calories than most solids. Therefore, my first line of defense would be to increase the number of times per day that your baby nurses, particularly if he is nursing less than the usual minimum for an exclusively breastfed baby, which is around 8x per day.

    I would also focus on feeding baby high-calorie solids like avocado, meats, whole-milk yogurt, and beans, and adding some olive oil to his low-calorie fruits and veggies.

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