OK I had that totally backwards. So, that being the case, instead I would suggest, if the baby is fussy nursing laid back, and nurses better when in the rocker with the pillow, then maybe, nurse in that position more?

Have you ever tried side lying position? Many moms and babies love it once they get the hang of it.

Here is my basic take on fussiness at the breast that happens SOME times but not all the time. Either, the milk flow is different (actually, in the morning it would tend to be faster, not slower, and fast flow can upset baby as well) OR it is a positioning thing (or some other factor that is different at those times.) OR baby just happens to have that fussy period of time, in which case, you basically ride it out until baby outgrows it.

What it almost never means is that there is anything really wrong with breastfeeding. If something is wrong wiht breastfeeding-if mom has low production, or baby is not able to latch properly, whatever- then that thing is going to be going on all or most of the time. Does that make sense?