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Thread: Diminishing supply :-(

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    I can definitely do that. I did last night and she was a little fussy because they weren't exploding like they used to, but I will drop the formula feed before bed.

    I definitely here where you are coming from and she started out with 3.5-4oz bm bottles but she just kept increasing every couple of weeks by half an ounce or so. She usually takes 5-6ozs, but she has been known to only eat 4 oz here and there as well as having a long nap and waking up ravished and eating 7 ozs.

    I am away from her for 11 hours - she is eating like 15-16 ounces a day, BUT this is her first week back with Grandma and with baby food, so we shall see. I don't try to everfeed her, but if she fusses for more we give it to her.

    My boobs just don't feel full anymore like they always have. They used to leak and get achy if I went to long, now they don't do that. :-(

    I appreciate all the responses.

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    I'm thinking the large bottles are getting you into a vicious cycle where the baby gets stuffed full every time she eats, and therefore doesn't nurse as well when she's with you, leading to her taking in even more milk and formula from the bottle, and nursing even less well the next day... You get the picture.

    Feeling full is not a permanent part of the breastfeeding journey. You feel full when you have more milk than baby needs, and your body doesn't maintain that state of affairs because it's a waste of energy and puts you at increased risk for plugged ducts and mastitis. Once supply and demand are well-matched, you should rarely if ever feel full.

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