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Thread: Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue....

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    Default Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue....

    I'm soooo stressed right now. My dd is 10 months old and she currently nurses about 4-5 times a day and about 2-3 night feeds which I'm trying to wean from because I'm a depressed mess. I also only feed her from the left boob because the right comes out too slow for her. Which has led to a big decrease in supply from that side.
    I have no idea how much I should be feeding her or when. Sounds so dumb.
    To give you an idea of a typical day:
    Nurse around 5-6am.
    Wake at 730
    Nurse around 8-830
    Cereal with 2 oz bm with maybe some toast or fruit.
    Nurse around 1130-1200.
    Lunch is usually some fruit puree and yogurt
    Nurse around 3-30
    Dinner around 5-530 which is cereal with 2oz bm and a vegetable
    Try to nurse before bed which is around 7-730.

    I'm back to work full time sept 16 and I will be gone for three days at a time. I was planning to pump but not sure how well that will work since I'm a paramedic and need to be out the door in a flash when we get a call. She doesn't take a bottle very well either. What am I gonna do? What if my milk dries up? What if she completely refuses the bottle? What will I feed her? Formula? Sorry for such a long post. I'm so emotional right now. We put her crib into my sons room last last hoping that my absence won't prompt so many night wakings and I have major separation anxiety without her in my room and not knowing if she needs those feeds at night or not. I can't think straight but I think that's just because I'm constantly sleep deprived. I only get about 3-4 hrs of sleep a night.
    My DH is a Huge help but only so much he can do since he has to work in the am. I just feel like

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    Default Re: Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue

    Why are you so stressed about how much baby needs- is there any reason to think baby is not gaining ok?

    The way to be sure a 10 month old is nursing enough is the same as with a 10 week old-Cue feed. nurse when baby or you feel like it.

    Your baby nursing 3 times overnight is normal. Being tired is normal. 4 hour sleep stretches at a time for mothers of babies is normal. You are normal, and your baby is normal. Sleeping separately may help you get a longer sleep stretch, everyone is different in this. But it is entirely normal for both you and baby to sleep better when in close proximity, that is how the majority of mothers and children sleep all over the world.

    Are you saying you are depressed due to sleep deprivation, or is your depression is causing sleep issues? Have you talked to anyone about treatment for your depression?

    Could you get more sleep overall by putting together some nap time together, lying in, going to bed earlier-not every day maybe, but some days? With your profession, you must be used to snatching sleep when you can?

    As far as your job and pumping, that will have to be what it is! I do not want to get graphic, but I am sure that paramedics are called at other times one is "indisposed." If you are pumping when an alarm goes off, I guess you will have to stop, pop what you have pumped in the fridge, and go. If you are leaking, have some thick pads you can pop on under your bra quickly. Have a clean plastic bag you can pop the flanges in or just leave them to air dry and wash later. I wonder if the breastfeeding in army boots website will have some tips you can use on pumping when on "alert." (?)

    Bottles- at this age, maybe sippy or regular cups would work better?

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    Default Re: Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue

    I second the idea of sippy cups for your milk. We've been giving DD a bit of water in sippy cups for a few months now, and when I went back to work yesterday, she drank my milk out of one no problem. I didn't want to introduce bottles when most people start trying to wean off them anyway! I got a neat sippy cup that has little silicone grooves all along the rim, so no matter where she sucks, she gets some. But she's also figured out the straw in the past week or so. Maybe try a couple different ones, see what she likes. Do you have a freezer stash?

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    Default Re: Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue

    I think dd is gaining ok, she was weighed in the beginning of aug and she was 18 lbs and always gained well before that. I guess I'm stressed because I noticed she wasn't nursing as much/well and then I started to read that maybe I was giving too much solids for her so I cut back. And the stress is also probably due to lack of sleep and yes, I'm not majorly depressed but it is from lack of sleep, and I feel miserable guilty when I don't do enough with my three year old.
    I always nurse on cue but that will change once I return to work, I won't be home for days at a time.
    I brought dd back to my room last night and we would bed share but she won't sleep without my nipple in her mouth...so we were up for an hr. at 3 am....oh the joys.
    Sometimes I can nap when the kids do, most days not. I guess yesterday was just a bad day. The Impending return to work has made me pretty flippy.
    She will take water from a sippy cup-milk not so much. I've been blessed with excess lipase. So the the day she's at daycare, she won't drink anything at all. I guess that really is what I'm worried about. Because then she's home with DH and she'll need milk to make up for not drinking all day but if she won't take it from a cup or bottle......people tell me she will adjust.

    Thanks for the responses.

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    Default Re: Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue

    If you have lipsase, you need to scald your milk before you store it. And then she will take it. And you absolutely need to plan on pumping while away from her! You may not be able to do it on a set schedule, but you are going to be away for 3 days at a time! So in that time frame you guys manage to shower, eat and go to the bathroom right? Treat it like that. Something that absolutely most get done. You don't want to be working with a case of engorgement!

    Way too lazy for formula

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    Default Re: Really need some advice, I feel like I don't have a clue

    *hug* It will be okay. I understand the stress of the unknown, and the "what if?" about an emergency while pumping. I manage to pump while being the single coverage doc in an ER overnight. If something truly emergent (e.g., a cardiac arrest, severe respiratory distress) came in, I would just unhook myself and go deal with it. My charge nurse knows where I am and what to get me for. I've talked to consultants from behind a patient curtain over the whirr of the pump. Get some good disposable pads -- I like Lansinoh pads-- and plan to pump when you have down time. A good hands-free bustier is also key to quick efficient pumping.

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