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Thread: Nipple irritation at 15 months

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    Default Nipple irritation at 15 months

    Dd is 15 months old and still nurses 6 times a day. Over the past few months it has gotten uncomfortable esp on the right side. The nipple seems sore when she is nursing, less when actively swallowing more when she nurses while sleep.had problems on the right side even when she was a newborn that's the underproducing side . Occasionally even the left nipple feels sore. Have already got my period finding no specific relation to it.
    Dd has no teeth as of now. She could be teething.
    We co sleep at night sometimes her feeding gets so uncomfortable that I have actually wacked her in sleep thinking it's someone else
    I have no plans to wean her as of now , but I am finding nursing irritating too.nipples feel sore while nursing but not otherwise .they look and feel ok
    Want some help.

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    Default Re: Nipple irritation at 15 months

    Any chance of pregnancy? If not, how about thrush?
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    Default Re: Nipple irritation at 15 months

    Just got my period so don't think am pregnant
    This soreness has been there for almost 3 months , it waxes and wanes and almost always on the right side. It is not red no progression of soreness, no redness , no signs of thrush in dd. had just the same soreness in the newborn period but it just went away at 3 months. Only thing then was that her latch was not that great and I think had a friction blister then. Now there is some soreness just at the opening of a duct the rest of the nipple seems fine.i always thought that dd had a posterior tt, but then when she got bigger the pain went away and nursing was comfortable. She does stick out her tongue we'll, movements are fine, great speech for age.
    It just feels like I'm nursing a newborn again. I do detach her when the soreness is bad, the only thing is that it feels kinda sexually uncomfortable when I feed her in sleep ( both of us) as if it's someone else and not her. Don't have this when I'm awake

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