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    This is the first time I have been successful with breastfeeding but there is one issue that has now caused us some big problems. LO is now 3 months old and since day 1 she has had a hard time staying awake for a full feed. In the early months this just ment her eating every 2 hours and being fine between except for being upset due to reflux. Now it means she eats every 30 min-an hour and is constantly screaming. I have tried burping her better but she rarely burps. Tried offering her the breast again once I have burped her but she just falls asleep. She will fall asleep within 5 min of starting a feed then wake the moment I lay her down and start screaming. The only thing that will calm her down at that point is to latch her back on thus repeating the whole process. The past week things have gotten worse so all day yesterday I gave her pumped milk via a bottle. It was a fight to get her to take it at first but once she did she would eat a full 4 oz and was happy enough to be put down and not be screaming. I know I am producing enough for her but I dont know how to get her to stay awake at the breast long enough to finish a feed. Anyone have any advice? Its really starting to wear on me and I dont want to give up breastfeeding.

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    This sounds like a growth spurt to me. There are big spurts that typically hit around 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and then sometimes later in the first year, maybe around 6-9 months. During a spurt, a baby wants to feed almost constantly. If this is a spurt, the best thing you can do is to roll with it- it should pass in a week.

    Are you wearing your baby in a sling? Some moms discover that they can nurse on the go, allowing them to feel less pinned down and to accomplish one-handed tasks. And babies tend to be a lot happier in slings- most babies hate being put down because they instinctively know that being put down means being at greater risk from cold, hunger, and predators. Babies don't know that we don't live in caves, with hungry tigers prowling outside!

    2 other possible explanations for what you're seeing: teething and illness. Teething can start at 3 months, and when it does a lot of babies exhibit increased need for at-the-breast soothing. And illness is always a possibility- IIRC, you have older kids? One of them could have dragged home a germ that's making your LO extra fussy. You might want to have the pediatrician take a look in baby's ears.

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    Can you explain what you mean by "staying awake for a full feed?" Do you mean a certain amount of time-what?

    Babies of all ages nurse for varying lengths of time, nurse more frequently some of the day than other, (and more frequently some days than others) and often fall asleep at the breast. This is all normal unless baby is not gaining appropriately.

    If a baby cannot get enough milk at the breast and you are needing to give your baby bottles, then I would suggest getting breastfeeding assessed by an IBCLC if that is at all possible for you?

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