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Thread: How much does baby get in a swallow?

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    Default How much does baby get in a swallow?

    Okay, I've always wanted to know, how much is generally swallowed by an infant when they bfeed? I try to guess how many ozs. my 4 m.o. is getting each session but I don't know the avg. amt. they consume. Anyone know? I can't find info anywhere so maybe it's a mystery

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    Default Re: How much does baby get in a swallow?

    It's a mystery, I think. If you want to know how much your baby gets over the course of a feeding, you could try the weigh-feed-weigh approach, which is pretty accurate if you use a professional quality scale that is accurate to the 1/10th of an oz.
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    Default Re: How much does baby get in a swallow?

    It is def. a mystery. I am doing pre-post weighing on my twins right now and sometimes they swallow and swallow and still barely get anything. But then again, adults swallow saliva all the time too.
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