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Thread: Baby not satisfied?????

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    Default Baby not satisfied?????

    Very concerned...This is my 3rd baby to nurse and he is a puzzle. He doesn't seem to be as satisfied after nursing as he does when he takes a bottle that I have pumped. I know my supply is plentiful as is evident on the ounces I am able to pump. However, I don't think he is as successful when he nurses as I am when I pump. He tires easily and will "comfort suck" while nursing making the process very long. It has been suggested to me to just pump and give all his feelings via a bottle, but not too excited about that, makes me sad too. Thoughts & suggestions!

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    Hi mama, welcome to the forum! How old is your baby? How has his weight gain been? How many poopy diapers in a day? How does latch feel? Any discomfort, pain?

    The markers for whether baby is getting enough milk are weight gain and diapers. A long nursing session does not mean baby is not satisfied. It's common for babies, particularly young ones, to nurse for a long time - a baby may nurse for a little while, doze off, wake up again, nurse, "comfort suck" etc - and it may take 45 minutes or an hour, and start again half an hour later! Although it may be easier for baby to drink from a bottle than from the breast, that doesn't mean baby SHOULD be fed from a bottle, since our bodies are designed for baby to be fed from the breast!

    Exclusively pumping or EP'ing that has been suggested to you is usually a last resort effort, if baby is physically unable to latch (for example, cleft palate) or if all attempts to encourage nursing have failed. Definitely don't go down that road if you don't have to! Over the long run it's a lot harder to maintain than nursing is.

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    EP is something you do when all else has failed and the baby cannot or will not nurse. It is so much harder in the long run than nursing! Imagine having to balance all the care your baby needs against your need to maintain a pumping schedule. Or trying to pump in public, but not having an outlet for your pump or a clean, private place to pump. Then there's all the effort that goes into storing, transporting, warming, and using bottled milk.

    It sounds like your baby's primary issue is that he rapidly dozes off while nursing, and then wakes up as soon as you put him down, ready for another snack. Am I right? If so, there are things you can do about that- like switch nursing, breast compressions, tricks to get a baby to wake up, etc. Let us know if this sounds like what you need!

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    Default Re: Baby not satisfied?????

    It has been suggested to me to just pump and give all his feelings via a bottle,
    who suggested that?

    Have you been bottle feeding and breastfeeding (combo feeding) all along? I am confused on that point.

    Weight gain normal?

    He tires easily and will "comfort suck" while nursing making the process very long.
    What process? Babies love to nurse. They will spend lots of time doing it. They do not typically love to suck on an empty bottle. So yes, many a baby will nurse much longer than they take with a bottle. That is normal. As long as weight gain is normal, there is not a problem. If there is a problem, then you can solve that problem, which means, helping baby get the milk more efficiently.

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