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Thread: 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

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    Default 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

    For the past two days, my 11 week old has been falling asleep while nursing however he does it within the first 15 mins. While he is sleeping, he still suckles a little but not enough to pull milk. I'm used to him nursing for 30-45 mins so I'm a little concerned he is not getting enough. He has been very sleepy lately and only pooping once a day (last week he was pooping several times a day).

    I have been feeling my suppy hasn't been keeping up with him. He has been at daycare taking four 5 oz bottles which is being up to 6 oz this week. While I'm at work, my pumping has barely been able to keep up with the 5 oz. I'm taking Mother's Milk to help produce more but I don't see a change in my supply.

    How can I get him to nurse without falling asleep so I keep my supply up?

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    Default Re: 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

    Those are really big bottles. Depending on the source I've read the biggest the bottle should be at a time for a breastfed baby is 3 to 4 oz because their tummies are little and can only hold so much. As your baby gets older your milk will change to meet his needs, so the bottles don't need to get progressively bigger as he gets older (which is very different than a formula fed baby). How long are you away from your baby? They generally recommend 1 to 1.5oz per an hour of separation. Is your daycare possibly confusing other needs like the need to suck or be cuddled with hunger?

    If your child is taking in more during the day at daycare, that could explain eating less when at home because he's already ate a ton. The reduced nursing time could also be that he has simply gotten more efficient.

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    Default Re: 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

    Yah, those are HUGE bottles!!! 4 bottles of 6 oz each means your baby is getting 24 oz of milk per day from the bottle- that's a full day's intake. And it's no surprise that you cannot keep up with that level of pumping. It's totally unreasonable to ask a mom to pump that much.

    A breastfed baby should get about 1.5 oz per hour of separation, which generally works out to a 2-4 oz bottle every 2-3 hours. I think you need to speak to your daycare about how to feed a breastfed baby with appropriate amounts, how to pace feedings, and how to swap in alternate comfort methods (sling, pacifier) for the bottle.

    One thing that you can relax about is your LO's poop frequency. Because breastmilk digests so completely, breastfed babies often slow down their poop frequency to as little as 1x per week after the 6 week mark. That single poop will be a diaper buster, though!!!

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    Default Re: 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

    Wow I wouldn't go over 3 oz in a bottle! That is a ton. Breastmilk isn't required in the same amounts as formula so while a baby might take that much in formula (I'm really not sure but maybe since that's what they're giving), that is abnormal for breast milk. Maybe he's too full to be too interested in eating since he's being stuffed so full at day care.
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    Default Re: 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

    I agree with pp. it sounds as if your baby is being overfed at day care, a very common occurrence. This can feel so defeating for mothers who cannot possibly pump enough to keep up with amounts that have no basis in normalcy, and this also indicates bottles are being fed to baby in a non-breastfeeding supportive way.

    Unless your baby is not gaining properly, I see no reason to think you might have low production from what you have written. Except for the giant bottles at day care, everything else you describe sounds normal. Assuming weight gain is ok, a baby falling asleep at the breast is entirely normal. Nature designed nursing as a really effiicent way to comfort our babies to sleep.

    I suggest you pass this info on to your day care providers and start sending 3 ounce at most bottles, not 6 ounce! What is the reasoning for making the already too large bottles even larger? http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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    Default Re: 11 week old falls asleep at breast within 15 mins

    You are sending WAY WAY WAY too much milk to daycare. If you have been keeping up with pumping that much you are making plenty of milk, more than enough in fact. Your supply is not a problem.

    My son liked to drink a bunch of milk then play for a really long time, he nursed that way, too, but I never sent more than 4.5oz in a bottle at a time. Three 4-4.5oz bottles over a 9-10 hour separation was plenty.
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