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Thread: Over eating

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    I read that in a single day a toddler and preschooler's diet might seem really imbalanced but across several days or a week they are actually very good about balancing things well when giving healthy options.
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    I remember a growth spurt at 14months that very specifically, made me very very glad that I was no longer solely responsible for feeding him. The idea of that growth spurt for years spurred me to come here and warn moms to step up their game around solids before the year point. Because I might have died if had to be responsible for that spurt!

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    This sounds entirely fine and normal because baby is self feeding and you are offering healthy foods. In the book My Child Won’t Eat, the author writes quite eloquently on how a child who is offered healthy foods and self feeding will control their intake perfectly, just as a cue fed, breastfed baby controls perfectly how much they eat at the breast.

    If you have worries that your child is not nursing enough due to eating so much, I would suggest, no problem offering to nurse more often if you want. If you are worried your child is somehow over eating in an unhealthy way, I would suggest there is no need to worry about that. A 15 month old will not do that unless they are offered mostly junk food or somehow force-fed or coerced into eating more than they want or need.

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