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Thread: Nursing 1 year old but seems to want more at night?

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    Default Nursing 1 year old but seems to want more at night?

    My baby boy just turned one and has been nursing since birth. I have never had any issues with nursing or supply, until now. For the past few days our night nursing has changed. He nurses before bedtime, but wants more and seems like he is not getting enough from me. My husband and I gave him 4oz of formula after nursing and like magic he was happy and asleep. Is my supply low? Does he not want to work for it? A bit worried since I enjoy nursing him. Any ideas, suggestions?

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    Default Re: Nursing 1 year old but seems to want more at night?

    As long as you're nursing on demand, not supplementing with formula, not pregnant, and not taking some new form of hormonal birth control, there's no reason to think that your supply is low. Fussiness in a year-old baby is generally related to things like teething, ear infections, alterations in sleep patterns (e.g. baby shifting from 2 naps to 1 nap).

    Has your period returned yet? If not, the fact that baby "seems to want more" could be an indication that your period is about to return, since milk supply often dips a bit in the run-up to menstruation.

    The best way to get through an interlude like this is to not supplement and to continue to nurse on demand. Whenever your baby really wants more, he will cue your body to increase production by nursing extra long, draining the breast more thoroughly, and nursing more frequently. Offering supplemental formula merely short-circuits the message your baby is trying to give you.

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