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Thread: Surgery and breastfeeding.

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    Default Surgery and breastfeeding.

    I am scheduled to have my gallbladder removed on Sept 20th . Just wondering what other moms have done to prepare for this or any other surgery in regards to breastfeeding. My surgeon gave me the earliest possible appointment in the day because I have an infant and told him I was pumping/nursing. All he told me was to make sure I pump enough so when I go in he has bottles (I giggled while thinking of my stash, hehe) Did you pump and dump for the 24 hrs post op? Or carried on like normal? How was your recovery? Were you able to pick up your baby or need someone to pick up and bring baby to you? How groggy were you for the rest of the day?

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    Default Re: Surgery and breastfeeding.

    I had three c-sections and nursed my brand newborn infants within an hour of surgery despite not being able to sit or stand and being on pain medications including narcotics via IV. Of course these were not general anesthesia operations but spinal block, but a spinal block is still a drug that enters the bloodstream.

    I had a D&C under general anesthesia after a miscarriage when my nurseling was about 20 months old. As soon as I was awake in the recovery room he came in with my husband and he nursed.
    According to The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (2010) "Unless your baby is premature or seriously ill, there's no need to stop breastfeeding (or pump and throw your milk away) just because you've had anesthesia. As soon as you are awake, the anesthesia is essentially out of your blood, so it's essentially out of your milk. Likewise, it's rarely, rarely necessary to stop breastfeeding just because you have to take medication. Almost all medications, with the exception for a few, such as certain radioactive drugs and chemotherapy, are safe for breastfeeding. ....) WAB p 289, 2010, 8th edition

    It then goes on to suggest you consult the book Medications and Mothers Milk by Dr. Thomas Hale if you have any medications questions. You can do that by calling a LLL Leader or calling Dr. Hales helpline, you can find the info here: www.infantrisk.com

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    Default Re: Surgery and breastfeeding.

    I had surgery in July and after getting a detailed list of medications from the anesthesiologist I called infant risk. After speaking with them, my pediatrician and my husband this is what I did:
    Wake up, nurse, pump
    Go to hospital
    Pump while in pre-op (saved in cooler bag)
    (Surgery-1st recovery room)
    Pump in 2nd recovery about 1 hr after waking up-dump
    Pump at home 3 hours after last pump-dump
    Nurse 3 hours after last pump

    This was more cautious then recommended. We chose not to bring Ellie to the hospital because of germs and the pediatrician wanted me to dump that first pump anyway. I was still pretty drugged and Ellie did not respond well when I took percocet after csection so it made sense. Infant risk said nursing right away would be fine with the meds but since Ellie was so extra sleepy after percocet dumping the first round was a good idea.
    When we got home Ellie had just had a bottle and I was very full so I pumped. My husband felt more comfortable dumping that one so I did.
    Next time Ellie was hungry I nursed.
    Nursing and pumping in the morning before the surgery -which was at 8am - helped keep me from getting engorged since it wasnt until about 1 that I got to second recovery where I could pump.
    mommy to Ellie - 2/28/13 8lb 3oz 19.5in

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