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Thread: 11 week old growth spurt?

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    Default 11 week old growth spurt?

    I usually feed my baby every 2 or 1 and 1/2 hrs or basically whenever she's hungry. These last couple of days she's been really fussy and I haven't been able to catch any of her hunger cues it's like she just goes straight to crying. I'll feed her, she will eat and release my breast, get burped and be happy and 30/40 minutes later she'll be screaming her lungs out and I'll offer her my breast just to make sure she's not still hungry and she'll take it. I'm just wondering if this is a growth spurt if so how long do they usually last. She has lots of wet diapers and a good amount of poop diapers so I know she's not dehydrated, I just find it strange that these last few days I haven't been able to pick up on her hungry signs before she starts screaming her head off. I'm usually very good at knowing when she's getting hungry but these past few days I've been thrown for a loop. I just want to feed her before she starts to cry.

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    While it will decline, 'cluster nursing' continues to be normal behavior well past the newborn period. As I type this, my 12 month old is cluster nursing-in her sleep!

    It sounds as if baby is gaining well so there is likely no worries here at all. Babies cry for many reasons and we cannot always catch it before it happens! Luckily nursing is usually the best soother in the world, and it is normal and appropriate to nurse baby as much as baby wants.

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