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Thread: pumping is messing up my supply

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    Default pumping is messing up my supply

    I need to pump a stash for upcoming
    -going back to work

    I'm trying to get 200 oz at least, but I was pumping only 1 oz. I tried pumping more often and successfully increased my supply so that I was pumping 2-3 oz (~1 hour after feeding if he takes 1 side and only half of the other).

    Unfortunately now my baby is fussy and colicky and when I pump I notice it takes longer to get to the hindmilk. Baby's poop was still yellow until last night when it was green.

    How do I fix the foremilk problem and make my baby happier, without sacrificing pumping a stash? Thanks. I pump once a day in the morning, sometimes twice.

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    Default Re: pumping is messing up my supply

    When do you return to the work/school scedule? Also, why do you need such a huge stash? 200 ounces would be enough for a solid week (day and night) continuous separation from baby.

    Pumping above and beyond normal nursing patterns increases production and the more you pump, the more it is going to increase. If your baby is having an adverse reaction to the overproduction created by pumping, I am not sure there is a better way to deal with it than to back off on the pumping. (You may not need to stop entirely just cut back.) Of course, you can also try the many ways for helping a baby handle the flow (nurse very often, nurse laid back, etc.) But that is only going to do so much if you continue to increase your production or keep it on the high side.

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    Default Re: pumping is messing up my supply

    I go back to work in October. The weekend before, I have to go out of town to take an exam (for work). Also, I have to travel sometimes for work. I really would like a stash because even if I pump during those times, I can't transport it back home to use. I will cut back to pumping once a day for half the time and see if it helps, but I only have 30 oz so far and it will be hard for me to pump enough to feel completely secure that my baby will always have some milk in the freezer no matter what. Thanks.

    I forgot to mention I was also taking mother's milk tea. I have stopped it 2 days ago and today I only get 2oz pumping. Maybe stopping the tea will be enough. Baby's poop was yellow today.

    What I was wondering was how all those other women do it? The ones who pump 5 oz! How is their baby handling it all so well?

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    Default Re: pumping is messing up my supply

    So 1-2 ounces is a normal amount of milk to pump when mom is also nursing baby around the clock. I get it you would like to pump more at a time, but it is a normal amount, not "only" 1-2 ounces.

    Let's say you only pump 1 ounce every day from now until Oct. 1, that is another-what-40 +ounces? So with what you already have, that makes 70 ounces. That is enough for 40-50 (possibly more) hours away from baby right there.
    even if I pump during those times,
    You are going to have to pump during any separations longer than 6 or so hours from your baby. Or hand express, or something. Otherwise you risk engorgement, plugs, mastitis...of course, for best results and for ongoing milk production, it is best to pump every 3-4 hours during separations.
    I can't transport it back home to use.
    Why not? Many nursing and working moms take business trips etc. and transport thier expressed milk.

    As far as why can some mothers pump 5 ounces, -ok, well, some babies seem to handle overproduction with little issue. But I wopuld also suggest that most moms who do pump that much at a time are either in the very early weeks when milk production is in overdrive and/or are pumping instead of nursing, (during a separation, or because they prefer to pump part of the time or whatever.) Few mothers who are exclusively breastfeeding around the clock are pumping that much extra milk long term.

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