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Thread: Difficult to nurse 8 month old

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    Default Difficult to nurse 8 month old

    I know babies change every 5 minutes...it seems like that's what happens to us. Last week was totally different!

    My baby just started crawling, pulling up, and now she's furniture surfing. She loves to move. She does not like to lay or stay still. Although she is nursing about 10 times per day (sometimes 8, sometimes like 14, who knows!) it seems like she wishes she didn't have to or would rather not.

    She recently started going to bed 2 hours later, and waking up an hour later in the morning. I'm sure this is also messing up her typical nursing schedule a bit?

    She sends a ton of mixed messages. Wants to nurse, then doesn't, lots of little snacking and snuggles that last like 2 min. Is this normal? I feel like it's all on me to offer for her to eat. I never force her, and we stop if she doesn't want to, but then she gets so fussy from not eating. Poor kid. I'm so confused.

    She's eating solids, about one good solid meal per day, about 2 Tbsp food or so. Does this sound really typical, as far as the short sessions and ridiculously variable amount of nursing? I know she's not going to wean, she nurses to sleep but even that is becoming difficult...but I think that is because she can stay awake longer and I need to adjust nap time.
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    Default Re: Difficult to nurse 8 month old

    Sounds normal to me! My 9 month old has been similar. She's not crawling or furniture surfing yet, but almost all her daytime nursing lasts 2 minutes or less. Actually, even her night feeds are pretty frequent and short! She asks to nurse a lot, and 50% of the time she latches on for two seconds, and goes back to playing. I think it's just normal, healthy, "checking in with mom" behavior.

    I tend to offer a LOT, at any sign of fussiness, or any sign of calm or potential interest. Sometimes she nurses multiple times an hour, sometimes she doesn't want to at all for a stretch. It is a busy, busy age!

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    Default Re: Difficult to nurse 8 month old

    I agree with sonogirl, it sounds a lot like my LOs behaviour since she started being more mobile. I've done the same, just offer, offer, offer as frequently as you feel necessary. And watch diapers and weight gain. Those are still your best indicators that baby is getting enough!

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