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Thread: Nipple Pain (sting)

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    Default Nipple Pain (sting)

    Hi everyone!

    Just recently, my right nipple has been bothering me during a feeding. It feels like a stinging pain and it just started out of nowhere. My baby is almost 10 months old and this is the first issue I've had since the first few weeks. Her latch is fine, I checked for blebs and I don't have any other symptoms. What could be causing this?

    I checked my daughter's mouth for thrush, but no signs of it. Not sure if there are physical signs I can check on myself? Does this sound like it could be thrush or something else?

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    Default Re: Nipple Pain (sting)


    Did baby clamp or bite recently, maybe an under the skin bruise?
    Thush on mom might make nipple red or bright pink, skin flaky, or with a 'shiny' look.

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