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Thread: Blocked duct but maybe not?

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    Default Blocked duct but maybe not?

    This is baby #2. I struggled with blocked ducts all the time with baby #1! So I am familiar. But this is different. My DS is now 7 mo and I haven't had a real issue with blockage. If one starts he's always able to get it out before it becomes a problem. But, This one is on its 4th day now. It started as a blocked duct....the kind that has the white bleb on the end. Last night that bleb went away. BUT, the blockage didn't. My breast is still very hard in that area and its painful. The white bleb now has a teeny tiny blood spot where it was. The hardness doesn't go all the way to my nipple either. It's high and ends about 1 inch from nipple. Have I damaged something by trying to "massage" the milk out? I really don't want this to turn into something that causes me to have to stop nursing.

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    Hi Hackmom. That sounds like a plug to me, but if all means of getting it out/breaking it up have failed and you are in pain, I would suggest seeing an IBCLC and/or a doctor as soon as you can.

    This should not in any way cause you to have to give up breastfeeding. Even if you have a breast infection, or one of your milk ducts is damaged, or this turns out to be a cyst or something that you have to have removed, breastfeeding in almost all circumstances can continue. If a health care provider tells you something different please let us know.

    As far as damage due to massage-anything is possible, but i would not worry overmuch about that. However, you may want to try vibration instead of massage as I do think that sometimes too much massage can 'inflame" an area.

    more on plugs and blebs: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...plugsblebs.pdf

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