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Thread: Egg allergy

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    My 13-month-old has recently thrown up on two separate occasions (several days apart) several hours after eating a freshly cooked hard-boiled egg. He's had eggs in smaller quantities before and as an ingredient in bread, but this is the first time he's had an obvious reaction to it (perhaps because he usually doesn't have as much). I've already contacted our pediatrician and am waiting to hear back, but I'm suspecting an egg allergy.

    Any advice on egg allergies? Should I try to keep all egg out of his diet (because even small amounts could be irritating his body, even if it's less obvious) and out of my diet as well or should I just have him avoid large quantities of egg, while still eating whatever I eat? How much egg protein passes through breastmilk when I eat egg products? Would I generally have to eat a lot to cause a reaction in a baby who otherwise seems to handle small quantities of egg okay?

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    go to an allergist. pedi cant diagnose allergy or do allergy testing. You need to know severity of the allergy too!
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    Do see an allergist. But IMO, see your pediatrician first. Your pediatrician may be able to order a RAST test- it's not as definitive as a skin test but it can give you some guidance.

    Most egg allergies are to egg white. So avoid the whites for now, at the very least.

    What you do about avoiding allergens in your diet... Very tough to say what the right choice is, when the allergy is not particularly severe.
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