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Thread: Need advice for 13 mo solids & bfeed

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    Default Need advice for 13 mo solids & bfeed

    Hi moms
    I need an advice or assurance of my current situation please.

    My almost 13 mo son has been ebf and we started BLW from 7mo.
    However until now my son only eats very very little despite all the variety of food & snacks offered. I tried 3 meals on high chair and he will take 3-4 bites and play & toss all the food. I tried pureed, finger, different cuts etc etc.

    I am still feeding every 4-5 hours and is immensely pressured by my mom, my in laws, my friends even the nurse!! Everyone told me I have to stop feeding him milk so he will be hungry and eat more. I suppose I am in the circle where I saw him eating so little & thought that's fine I will bfeed him later so he wont be starving. My baby is lean but not underweight (20th percentile in height & weight), walking and met all his milestones.

    I am just sick of everyone keep telling me their kids at same age eat lots & lots. They look at me weird as I still bfeed him! And then all the pressures that my baby doesnt get enough vitamins & nutrients from bfeed beyond 1 yr. I am just confused is this true ? And should I reduce my bfeed so my baby will get hungry & eat soluds? (Dont offer breast).

    Thanks a lot for your advise moms.

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    Default Re: Need advice for 13 mo solids & bfeed

    I suggest the book "My Child Won't Eat" by Carlos Gonzalez. I could write a long post but this book will help you way more.\ than I can and it is cheap on Amazon if you cannot get it at the library. It's not about making your kid eat, by the way! It's about what is normal as far as eating goes and how NOT to get trapped into thinking you are doing something wrong when your child is healthy and doing fine.

    My daughter is a year old and we also started BLW at 7 months. She has days she seems to eat a fair amount and other days she eats basically nothing. A meal may be really nothing but blueberries (which she loves.) She is put in the high chair and offered food 3 times a day, but how much she eats is up to her. She nurses at least 10 times day, so she is still mostly breastfed. She is healthy and doing just fine.

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    Default Re: Need advice for 13 mo solids & bfeed

    I hate it when moms are pressured to stop feeding their babies the healthiest, more nutritionally balanced substance any human will ever get to eat (breastmilk) so that the baby will start to be hungry for some mashed carrots or whatever. It's so backwards-thinking! And I personally have seen no proof that it's likely to work- why would taking away the one thing your child will reliably eat make him really interested in solids? Maybe he'll just turn into one of those kids who drinks a gallon of cow's milk every day- because if you wean, you need to sub in whole animal milk for human milk, and of course cow milk is specifically tailored for baby cows, not baby humans!

    It's totally untrue that breastmilk lacks vitamins and nutrients after a year. That's a total old wives' tale.

    My pediatrician once told me that "until the first birthday, breastmilk or formula meets all a baby's needs and solids are just for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills, and after the first birthday the transition to a majority solids diet can be slow". Which makes sense- it's not like a baby goes to bed on day 364 of life needs only breastmilk and wakes up on day 365 needing a ton of solids!

    Both my kids took a slow path to solids. I introduced solids at 5-6 months with both of them via BLW, but neither of them demonstrated much interest in solids until around 14-15 months. They are maybe a tablespoon or two of solids a day until that point. Neither of them were anything but healthy despite that!

    I am with the "My Child Won't Eat" suggestion. If you're concerned about your child's normal but inconsistent eating habits, you might want to consider adding a dropperful of baby vitamins to his diet. It won't hurt him, might help him, and when people pressure you about your child's solid food intake, you can say "We're working on it, and I make up for any shortfalls by giving a vitamin supplement".

    You're not "weird" for nursing a toddler. The societal norm that babies be weaned at a year- that's what is weird! Thanks for doing your part to change that!

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