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Thread: Storage of scalded breast milk to remove lipase

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    Default Storage of scalded breast milk to remove lipase

    I tried googling and could not find storage guidelines for scalded breast milk. Is it the same as regular breast milk? I heard if you boil it, it will last only an hour, but scalding it should last longer but how long???

    Also, is scalding 165 degrees F or 180? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Storage of scalded breast milk to remove lipase

    what do you mean last an hour? do you mean after a baby has drank from a bottle? overall scalded milk is the same in terms of storage and use. the one hour thing is for milk that has been in a bottle and has been used by the baby, this hour mark is simply because there are bacteria in the baby's mouth that can go back into the bottle.

    do everything you can to not throw out milk though. give small amounts in bottles.

    here is a link on scalding. overall temp depend on how long you scald for. i did 145 degrees F for 1 min. i found that i would just let the milk get to 145 and remove it from the bottle warmer and sit on the counter, it stayed at 145 or higher for a min after so it was fine.


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