New Beginnings, 2013 Issue 3, August 2013

Features: Pumping and Returning to Work: Tips for an Easier Transition
Mothers' Stories: Chemotherapy and Breastfeeding
Proud to Be a Breastfeeding Mother
My Relactation Story
Staying Home: Responding to Negative Comments
Toddler Tips: Successful Shopping Trips with responses from Forums members 5ofus, mammi, and LLLMeg
Making it Work: Accept a Busy Promotion? with responses from Forums members leemami, filmmommy, and krystine
Focus on Fathers: My Husband's Constant Support
Giving Birth: Emilio's Birth - meconium, unplanned c-section
US Breastfeeding Committee: Breastfeeding and the Affordable Care Act
Eating Wisely: Busy Summer, Healthy Eating
Recipes: Quinoa Pilaf with White Beans, Feta Cheese, and Summer Vegetables
Crunchy Chicken Salad
Book Review: Mothering Multiples by Karen Kerkoff-Gromada