You, your little one, your friends, or your family can be stars on the website!

We are collecting short -- 60 seconds max -- videos that speak to what LLLI means to you. Maybe it’s funny, maybe it’s poignant, or maybe it’s just the facts -- but if you’re reading this, LLLI has touched your life in some way.

See the guidelines below for sending in a video clip that we can use to speak mother to mother, child to child, leader to leader, about LLLI so that other mothers will want to join us!

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Please keep video concise, no longer than 1 minute in duration
  • All digital video recording formats are acceptable
  • iPhone video recordings are OK
  • Please no Hi-8 tape or other analog video submissions
  • Background visually clean/organized with no distractions or distracting behavior
  • Adequate lighting
  • Position of sun/watch for glare
  • Sound quality not too echoey or too quiet
  • No extra graphics or special editing

Where to Send

Email digital files of videos to:



Snail Mail your video on DVD to:

La Leche League International
ATTN: Josh Dobbs
957 Plum Grove Rd
Schaumburg IL, 60173

Some Ideas to Get Started

  • How did LLLI help you with breastfeeding?
  • Were you helped by a La Leche League Leader?
  • Were our mother forums on our website helpful?
  • Were our materials such as The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding book, Breastfeeding Tips and Guide, our online publications, information sheets, helpful?
  • How has LLLI philosophy impacted your family?
  • As a Dad, grandparent, partner, healthcare professional, how has LLLI helped you and your family or helped you in your profession?

Please acknowlege that by submitting your video you are giving La Leche League International permission to use publicly for purposes of promotion and advertising.

Deadline for submission is September 1, 2013

Please direct questions to