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Thread: How to tell when breast is drained?

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    Default How to tell when breast is drained?

    Can anyone tell me how to tell when a breast is sufficiently drained? My LO will often pop on and off my breast after 15 or so minutes. I can't tell if that means the milk flow has slowed down or something else. How do I know when to switch him to the other side?


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    When my DS starts playing ie. popping on and off and so forth, I switch him over to the other side. If he goes at it with vigor, I know that he was done with the other side, if he plays on that side too, either A) he wasn't that hungry to begin with or B) the first side filled him up. So long as he's peeing/pooping what he should, I stopped stressing over it. HTH

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    He may want to burp when he comes off. Burp him, re-offer the same breast. If he acts like he doesn't want it, you can try offering the second side

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