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As for the houseboat situation, it's a pretty small boat. There are two rooms. The room where my husband and I will sleep has a full-sized bed and small bathroom. The other room, separated just by a curtain, has a small kitchenette, A love seat, and bunkbeds that are full-size I think. I've been thinking that my son will sleep on one of the bunkbeds, the girls will sleep together on the other bunkbed, and my husband and I will sleep in the third full-size bed. Hence the need for the baby to be in the pack and play. I don't think she could fit in a full-size bed with me and my husband. The thought of being up all night holding her because she refuses to sleep in the pack and play makes me want to cry.
We just had a similar situation over labor day family visit with a too-small-for-cosleeping guest bed. We actually did a floor bed for baby, right next to my side of the adult bed, and he did great! It was an improvised arrangement because we were supposed to be in a king size bed ... aaaand then the upstairs AC unit died and that just doesn't work in TX! And of course we hadn't brought the darn pack-n-play that he won't sleep in anyway. So, we made it work in the tiny downstairs guestroom. We folded up some blankets into a pallet shape and it actually worked great. One of us could lay with him to get him down to sleep (it was a tight fit but we made it work) and then sneak back up into the bed.

So maybe don't sweat the pack-n-play. I don't blame those babies for not sleeping there ... who wants to sleep in a thinly padded walled cell?