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    Hey all, I'm starting to wean my little guy, I'm doing baby led and trying to respect what he wants to do, but he is really taking to solids a lot quicker then I thought! Today he ate half a pancake, some yogurt, then begged for some of my eggs, which I did give him. I guess I'm concerned that he will get sick from too much too quickly and also that my supply will suffer as a result. How much do you typically let them eat before just saying no more? Lol
    Ryder James 1/21/13

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    Is baby cutting back significantly on nursing? Ideally, you want breastmilk to make up the majority of your baby's diet before age 1. So if baby is nursing significantly less because of his solids intake, you might want to encourage baby to nurse more, and maybe limit access to solids. From a nutritional standpoint, nothing is better than your milk right now!

    My almost 9 month old is also really into her solids. I make sure to nurse her before any solid food meals, and I also offer to nurse her after each meal. She has not decreased her nursing requirements at all, so I feel comfortable letting her self-feed in quantities she wants. Some days, it's only a little bit of food. But most days, she eats a lot--like what you are describing! I just make sure she's keeping up with the usual amount of nursing, and make sure she's not having trouble going poo, and let her decide how much to eat herself.

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