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Thread: Using lecithin to prevent plugs?

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    Default Using lecithin to prevent plugs?

    My little guy just turned three months recently, so I'm moving up to the new section.

    This week I had a clogged milk duct for the fourth time in three months. They aren't in the same place repeatedly, so I think I might just be prone to them rather than having a certain piece of clothing or something that causes them. I've had two in each breast, all in different places. Each time I get one, I have a low fever for a night and feel like crap (chills, hot, achy), but I treat the plug aggressively and it goes away. It's hard feeling so bad when I have a baby to take care of though.

    So, questions--might lecithin help, and would I have to see a doctor before using it? We just moved and it will be a while before I can get to a new OBGYN. If I can just use it on my own, what do I do?

    Also, can not drinking enough water increase the likelyhood of plugs? I often have a hard time drinking enough.

    Also, he takes most of his naps on my chest, and if we're out of the house I'll often wear him for a couple hours. Could those contribute to plugs if I am prone to them? I know some mamas baby wear all day, but I wonder if I would have plugs constantly if I did that!

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    Default Re: Using lecithin to prevent plugs?

    You can find lecithin at a health food store or drugstore, it is sold as a dietary supplement. It really helped me when I had recurrent blocked ducts. If you get soy lecithin try to find the non GMO kind, because GM soy has some nasty toxins in it from processing or so I have been told. Another thing that helped for me was cutting processed fat out of my diet, margerine, shortening, deep fried food etc.
    Here are some links that may be useful.

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    Default Re: Using lecithin to prevent plugs?

    Greetings reading mom!
    I felt bummed out every time a got a plug duct. they hurt and made me feel lumpy all over. But mine were never associated with a fever.
    i met a woman at LLL who said her plugged duct situation went away once and for all after she went to the dentist and got a old cavity cleaned and filled.
    but you know, you mentioned you just moved, so that means heavy lifting, a sprinkle of stress and perhaps forgetting to drink when thirsty.
    I never liked taking anything even herbs or natural supplements. i liked eating healthy, nursing often and napping.
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    Default Re: Using lecithin to prevent plugs?

    Hi there- I had a problem with milk blebs back when my LO was 4 months or so. My midwife suggested I try lecithin to help prevent them. Like a PP mentioned, it is available as a supplement in natural food stores so you don't need a prescription or a visit to a doc. I took it for a few months, and the problem did stop happening. But I'm not sure entirely if it was the lecithin, as I stopped taking it and never got another one. But either way- if you have a recurring problem I don't think it can hurt to try the lecithin. Good advice above about looking for non-GMO or organic lecithin, as soybeans are notoriously laden with chemical residues. Good luck!

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