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Thread: Ptt/ult revised but baby won't open wider...pls help

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    Unhappy Ptt/ult revised but baby won't open wider...pls help

    Hello, i have posted a few times and it was thought that I had forceful letdown and oversupply. Well the real culprit was posterior tongue tie and lip tie. My 11 week old had them clipped at 10 weeks but will not open wide. She continues to have a shallow latch thus only relying on my letdown. she feeds often, once every hour one breast for 3 minutes. i am taking domperidone. I've tried the exaggerated latch and laid-back nursing but they just don't work. Now her 3 month growth spurt is approaching and i am very scared that as she doesn't extract all my milk, i will not be able to produce more for her. So far she is gaining weight, 2 dirty diapers, others have streaks, her diapers are not as wet as before but I change them every 1.5 hours during the day now as her napping has become much shorter. She is generally happy and alert but very cranky when i try to force her chin down and resists. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Ptt/ult revised but baby won't open wider...pls help

    I'm in a similar situation. My DD just got her tongue and lip ties released last week at 7 1/2 weeks old. I have yet to see any improvement. Her problem is not that she can't latch on. It's that she won't maintain the latch and quickly slips into a shallow one. Like yours, she's doing okay because of OALD. If she had to work for the milk, she wouldn't be gaining at all I don't think because she can't empty a breast. She damaged my right nipple so that I couldn't use it for a couple days. During that time, I just pumped and supplemented with a bottle from milk that I pumped. It has helped her gain some extra weight because she doesn't have to work as hard, and I know she's getting a full meal instead of leaving some in the breast. So I continue to mostly pump the one side and offer bottles every once in a while during the day. It's working okay for me, and it's helping prevent plugged ducts that I was getting from her not emptying the breast.

    Here is my plan (maybe it will help give you some ideas): I'm going to try to contact my local LLL leader and see if anyone in the group has experience with this situation. If that doesn't work, I may see if an LC has experience and knowledge about it. (I haven't had much luck with the ones I've seen already, which is why it's not my first route.) Finally, if it hasn't improved by her next doctor's visit, I'm going to ask the pediatrician for a referral to a Speech Language Pathologist that specializes in feeding and swallowing issues in infants.

    Another option is "bodywork" or craniosacral therapy. Since your LO's problem is that she is still not opening wide, it could be a jaw problem, so maybe craniosacral would work.

    "What to Expect After Tongue-tie and Lip-tie Release": http://nurturedchild.ca/index.php/br...p-tie-release/

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Ptt/ult revised but baby won't open wider...pls help

    That is a good article with lots of great links at the end- I have been looking for something that has all this info together- thank you so much W005ses for posting that!

    op, Did your hcp who performed the clips suggest any exercises to do after the release? If not, or if they are not working, I would suggest seeing an IBCLC (Board Certified) who is experienced in suck training post tt if possible. LT is so rarely treated (this is changing now thank goodness) that you may not find anyone experienced specifically with that but that should be ok. Finding the right IBCLC for you may mean calling up several and asking them about their professional experience. Contacting a LLL Leader (or other moms who have had this exp.) may certainly help as well, but fyi tongue tie and lip tie are usually considered situations that require special training and knowledge beyond what is typical of LLL Leaders, who may be able to share their personal experience (which may or may not apply) but that is it. Of course, some LLL Leaders are also IBCLCs.

    The basics of latch continue to apply with a baby who has or has been treated for tt or lp, So trying the various 'general" ways to help any baby latch better may help as well.

    In both of your cases the clips were done a bit on the late side, and that appears to make improvement post release slower in general.

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    Default Re: Ptt/ult revised but baby won't open wider...pls help

    My first son had a ptt and it was clipped at 5 weeks. I was very mangled, and my LC suggested forcefully holding his chin down when he first latched until I could feel that he was sucking properly (ie: no pain, lots of swallowing). It was hard of me to both latch him and hold his chin, so my husband or my mother would hold his chin. He was sooo stubborn, they had to really force it but the LC assured us we weren't hurting him.

    I'd say it took about a week or so (during which time I got better at forcing his chin open by myself), but he really started to improve his latch and I healed up soon after the clip because we were diligent in making him latch well. It was such a lot of work, but after we got through it, was really worth it!
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