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Thread: how do you give gripe water?

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    Default how do you give gripe water?


    My daughter is three months old. I exclusively breast feed or offer breast milk in a bottle when I am away. She eats very quickly (most of her meal in three minutes) do to oversupply issues that have gotten better but left her with bad habits (at least this is what I believe). She is gaining weight like a champ. However, because she eats so quickly (at least I think this is the cause) she is pretty gassy- lots of burping and tooting. Most of the day, this is not a big deal. Gas drops seem to help a little when we need them. However, her evenings have been so horrible. She can not get comfortable to go to sleep and wakes just screaming. She will often get out a burp or toot when we pick her up to console her. Then we have to start the process of getting her to bed all over again. Yesterday, I tried gripe water. It really seemed to calm her during the day. Definitely got rid of hiccups which was awesome. But last night, when she was so upset, and we tried to give it to her, she choked it down (literally) and then puked it all back up because she was taking in all this air while choking it down. It was horrible and scary to say the least. You have to give so much through the dropper. I know on the box it suggests mixing in a bottle with water or juice. However, I wasn't sure that a three month old should get water yet (definitely not juice of course). Just curious if other people have used this product and how you give it when your child is upset and crying.


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    I think we normally did the dropper or gave it via spoon, a little bit at a time each way so it wasn't overwhelming. Are you using homemade or store-bought? I think our daughter must have liked the taste because I don't remember much trouble. I guess you could occasionally put it in a bottle of EBM, as well.
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    I had a fussy colicky baby first time around and tried everything. My issue with gripe water the two brands I tried anyway, (one made in US and one from India) is the suggested dose (a whole dropper full iirc) seemed absolutely huge to me. In our case we eventually decided my babies issue was reflux exacerbated by forceful letdown (with a dose of high need baby thrown in) and I stopped the gripe water and gas drops and worked on those issues instead.

    As far as I am aware, gripe water is basically an herb based 'folk remedy'. That does not mean it does not work, certainly many mothers swear by it and it is very popular in some countries. However, I doubt there are medical studies that show what the exact the dose "should" be. (You could check with the manufacturer of the product you have.) But I think that if you find gripe water helpful but are finding baby spits up the dose you are giving, I see no reason a smaller dose could not be tried.

    I see a couple issues with adding gw to a bottle of expressed milk. If baby is irritated by the product again, then you lose that precious expressed milk. Also breastmilk is very bacteria resistant and can be safely handled accordingly. If you add anything to the breastmilk that may change that. (That is why it is not recommended to combine prepared formula and breastmilk in the same bottle, for example.)

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