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Thread: am pump session and foremilk

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    My daughter has just recently started sleeping through the night (or for very long stretches if she doesn't make it all the way through) yay! This leaves me to fill up quite a bit. I have been pumping after our first am feeding. Some days this is at like 5 am. Today it was at 7:30 am! I only nurse on one side during each feeding do to oversupply issues. So, the nursed breast gives me about an ounce of rich, creamy milk. However, the other full breast gives me what looks to be very watery milk. A think layer of cream does form on the top when refrigerated, but I was wondering if that thin layer is enough hindmilk to balance the foremilk. I have had issues in the past with my daughter getting too much foremilk and getting really gassy and uncomfortable. I am concerned that if all her bottles that are frozen have so much foremilk, the same thing will happen (for example, when I have a sitter or return to work). Any thoughts are appreciated-


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    I can't speak to whether or not the difference in composition is a problem -- hopefully some other veteran moms will chime in to answer that question for you. But if it concerns you, could you combine the two sides' pumped output together, and then portion and freeze? So that the composition of all her frozen BM is more consistent?

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    Is your daughter getting enough hindmilk when she nurses and doesnt drain your breast? If so, then there would theoretically be more hindmilk in the pumped milk then what she got from nursing since she is not draining you.
    I would do what mercystreet suggested if you are worried though.
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    If the foremilk-heavy bottles are just going to be used occasionally, like on a date night when you leave the baby with a sitter, or as one of several bottles you leave for daycare, then it's unlikely that they'll cause digestive issues for your LO.

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