Hi, Mamas! My little one is 8 months old, and though he nurses more than he used to, he has always preferred the bottle after the doctors at the hospital insisted I supplement with formula. I noticed a difference in his belly after formula and got him exclusively on breastmilk at three weeks, but by then he really liked the fast flow of the bottle.

We are both heavily dependent upon the pump--he doesn't have much interest in solid food, and if I don't pump properly even after he nurses I get terrible clogged ducts (which led twice to mastitis--ouch). I knew I wanted a hospital-grade pump since with my first (with whom I supplemented a LOT even though she nursed until she was 2) I had a Medela pump-in-style and it didn't work very well for me. Not only did the hospital I was in when I had my son not rent pumps, the lactation consultant only had a very sketchy idea of where I might even be able to rent one. I called all of the places she mentioned, plus a few more, and none of them had pumps in stock. I felt very lucky to find a refurbished Lactina for sale on Amazon for about $300. About six weeks later, the thing just died, and I panicked. It was covered for 90 days, and the company from which I bought it was cool enough to overnight another one to me even before I sent the dead one back, but being without the pump was torture. I sent my husband to Walmart at midnight, and he brought back an Avent pump that did not work well for me. I ended up using the manual pump from the Lactina and taking turns with my husband pumping it.

Fast-forward six months, and my Lactina started making a scary "clickety-clack" noise, like it was going to give up any second. I called and e-mailed the company from which I bought it to see if I could pay to have it serviced. I also asked if they could sell me another refurbished pump at a similar price to use as a backup in case I had to send mine away--I was that desperate. They totally ignored me. I ended up buying another used Lactina on ebay for a similar price, but I realize that either or both of these machines could really die any day, and I would have no idea what to do with them. My friend from college is pumping too, across the country from me now, and she has a Lactina she inherited from her sister. She said she sent it to Medela for servicing when she was pregnant with her second daughter, and that it cost her upwards of $500 for basically a tune up! I really can't do that, but surely there must be medical supply companies that service these machines? I have been searching for several weeks now, and I can't find anything but Medela, Medela, Medela. Does anyone either know of a company that services/repairs breastpumps or have any tips about how to find such a company? Does anyone know what types of companies are likely to perform such services, perhaps even if they don't advertise it? Thanks for any advice anyone can give.