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    Hi ladies! So happy to be nursing my second child and back on here! Nursing is going well but there is always something that comes up, right?

    My nursling (almost 4 months old) and my 2 year old had ear infections a couple weeks ago. They both finished a round of amoxicillin this past Monday. Yesterday I went to the doctor with some similar symptoms and it turns out I have a sinus infection. I was also given amoxicillin. The doctor mentioned that my nursling will get some of the drug through my BM and that she "could" get diarrhea, just like I could. If that happens, to call her and she will switch to another drug.

    My daughter did fine on her 10 days of amoxicillin, so I don't really expect her to have a problem with the small amount she will be getting through my BM. But my question is whether it's OK for her to be getting the drug for another 10 days? I know she will be getting far less than her direct dose, but I'm just wondering if 20 days of amoxicillin is OK for her.

    Also, should I be worried about us getting yeast infections/thrush and is there anything I should do to prevent it. My babies and I have never had thrush so I don't know if it's something we are not sensitive to or what. I do eat yogurt pretty much every day.

    Thanks so much!

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    I think the extra amoxicillin is okay, but call your pediatrician if you're in doubt!

    Definitely be on the alert for yeast issues while on antibiotics. Keep on with the yogurt, avoid the some sugars and starches, and be a little extra rigorous about hygeine- change your nursing bras, shirts, and towels frequently. Maybe even every day, just for the next 10 days or so.

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    If it makes you less nervous-I have been on 4 antibiotics since my LO was born and my ped and infant risk said not to worry about any of it. My LO never had them directly but she has certainly been exposed to fair amount of meds due to my health problems.
    I take a probiotic when I am an antibiotic to help prevent yeast infection and c-dif. Infant risk said not to give them to an infant but thought it wise for me to take it to help prevent thrush. I cannot eat dairy though so i do not have the extra protection of yogurt.
    I hope you feel better soon!
    mommy to Ellie - 2/28/13 8lb 3oz 19.5in

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