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Thread: So glad... but still need help!

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    Default So glad... but still need help!

    Hi ladies, I just want to say that I am really, really blessed by knowing I'm not alone in my oversupply, forceful letdown issues. With baby #1, this forum was the ONLY thing that saved our BFing relationship -- and I am so thankful. This is baby #2, and as I feared, my body has begun going crazy again producing more milk than baby V could ever need! Dealing with it is painful, time-consuming, and frustrating -- I've even started feeling extreme guilt for how these things affect my little guy

    I will be spending some time going through the recent posts, and expect to be on here quite a bit. I do have one immediate question...

    For those of you that have oversupply issues (and who block feed / once breast per feeding), how do you deal with engorgement issue at night? I literally feed off *one* side all night...and wake up with one breast tremendously, painfully, HOT and ENGORGED.
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    Default Re: So glad... but still need help!

    With my most recent edition, I had to wake her up and encourage her to nurse several times a night because even as a brand newborn she would sleep 6 or more hours sometimes and I would wake up with cannon balls. I put my phone with alarm set under my pillow and set it for every two hours or so until things started calming down. Usually she WOULD rouse enough to nurse, if not, I would hand express.

    Are you nursing on one side all night in order to block feed? Because either that block is too long or you want to be hand expressing or nursing at least enough on the "non nursing" side to keep from getting so engorged.
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