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Thread: I need sleep

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    Glad to hear that you have an explanation for some of the troubles you've been having. Anxiety is definitely one of the worst side-effects of an out-of-whack thryoid!

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    I know this may be controversial, but have you considered him sleeping on his tummy? They sleep SO much better. I was terrified of SIDS too; but I did some research and the whole nonsense about SIDS going down 50% since the back to sleep campaign may be true, but the NATIONAL INFANT MORTALITY rate has gone down 50% during the same time period... and the SIDS rate has dropped at the same rate during the same time period. How the medical community does not see this is beyond me. I am on my 9th baby and my babies have all slept great... they will be up for 3 hours nursing off and on during the day (and I make a point to get them up in the evening when relaxing so they cluster nurse then); then they will sleep in 3 to 5 hour blocks at night; with me getting up 2 or 3 times to feed them at night and RIGHT BACK DOWN to sleep again. It doesn't always work perfectly, but most nights I get a solid nights sleep broken up by the 30 minute nursing sessions, which I have actually come to love. I honestly think the medical community is all about fearmongering... people have raised babies for FOREVER and they always slept on their tummies. Parenting doesn't have to be torturous! LOL And I apologize if I am repeating something that has already been discussed up on this thread... the 7 pages was a bit overwhelming and I didn't read the previous posts!

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