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Thread: tongue tie help pls

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    Default tongue tie help pls

    My son is 10 wks today and 3 days ago had TT clipped. I didn't know he had TT but ended up with a lactation cons as I'd been having so many problems with him and she spotted it straight away.
    It wasn't a classic TT case as I wasn't really sore and he was gaining loads of weight. However, he had reflux symptoms, wind and colic and very fussy, she feels it's all linked to the TT. Seems his feeding isn't as efficient as I thought, he is mainly taking foremilk and also swallowing a lot of air making for a very miserable baby (and mum).
    Anyway, I want to know whether I need to teach him to feed properly as such or whether he will work it out? He seems to finish so quickly or fall asleep I need him to latch deeper and continue to feed to get hindmilk too. It has only been a few days and LC said probably take a couple of weeks to see improvement but I wanted to see if anyone had advice or been in similar situation. I'm starting to feel if I can't get it to work soon whether I can continue and I so want to EBF for at least 6 mths hopefully 12. Thanks very much x

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    First off, post tongue tie babies often require some exercises or suck training. Was anything like that suggested to you?

    The hindmilk/foremilk issue is so confusing. Here is the best way I can explain it:

    "Not enough hindmilk" is not a real issue. All your milk is healthy and has the fat content to help a baby to grow, obviously, as your baby is growing so well.

    What can be an issue is if baby gets "too much" foremilk. Foremilk is entirely healthy as I said, but it does contain a higher amount of lactose and sometimes this (an overload of lactose) causes some (usually quite mild) digestive issues.

    If your baby is gaining more than 8 ounces per week and has some of the other symptoms of forceful letdown (not all necessarily) then the issue is probably overproduction and forceful letdown. Forceful letdown can occur without overproduction as well.

    Frequent nursing sessions allows a baby to get enough of both kinds of milk even when there is forceful letdown. By frequent I mean a minimum of 8-10 times a day, your baby may like to nurse more often and that is fine. Sessions may be short, that is ok. The frequency is the key. If baby is done after nursing on one side, fine. No need to make baby nurse both sides each time, as this increases production. One side at a time is normally fine, especially if there is overproduction.

    You can also try nursing baby in a more "laid back" aka "uphill" positioning. If baby tends to pull off the breast, letting milk flow into a cloth and then putting baby back on after that initial rush can help to.

    The kellymom article I am linking below on overproduction and forceful letdown contains info on block nursing, which is a technique for decreasing milk production. I would strongly suggest NOT doing block nursing yet. If your baby was tongue tied, it is very possible the overproduction and ffld allowed baby to keep getting enough milk and your production to be ok despite that.

    So First, I suggest, work on helping baby handle the flow better. Read up on it, (see CW Genna article I am also linking) and talk to your IBCLC. And be very sure you truly have overproduction AND baby is able to nurse effectively before doing block feeding I would suggest. I have had overprodcuton with all my kids and never block nursed. It can be very helpful but must be applied appropriately.

    Forceful letdown and overproduction: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

    Dark side of block nursing http://cwgenna.com/blockfeeding.html

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    My DD had a tt and a lt released a few weeks ago and has yet to show any improvement in nursing really. This weekend, she finally started sticking her tongue out past her lips, maybe because we've been working on massaging her tongue down.

    The doctors and nurses have pretty much told me oh well, deal with it.

    LCs are still trying to help but are basically out of ideas and are at this point suggesting chiropractic work. I have one more appointment with one tomorrow, so there's still hope.

    Here's a good article about ties:
    "What to Expect After Tongue-tie and Lip-tie Release": http://nurturedchild.ca/index.php/br...p-tie-release/

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    Thanks for replies. I haven't been given any exercises, perhaps I should have been?!
    Thanks for explaining FM and HM. I was confused. My baby only seems to nurse for 2 to 10 mins, used to do 20 ish. He feeds frequently though. He has been gaining over 8oz a week. He seems more fussy on the breast since the tt correction but only 4 days in. I'm sorry to hear your not seeing any improvement after weeks. That is disapointing. How old is your baby? I had been so determined to BF but I'm feeling like if no improvement soon it'll be formula for us x

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    Gosh listen to me, defeatest! I'm sorry just one of those moments! I'm sure if I can bf with TT for 10 weeks I can reteach him now and get this sorted. I just read a post where people were saying it took a good couple of weeks to see improvement so I'm going with that and will be positive xx

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    She had it done at 7.5 weeks and is now 10.5 weeks. It's annoying that she's not nursing right and that she's very gassy, but she's gaining so I feel like as long as it doesn't get worse, we should be able to continue to EB. And I can continue to hope that as she gets bigger she will grow into nursing better. If it's not unbearable for you or the baby, I'm sure you'll be able to continue EBing too!

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    Was the LC you saw also an IBCLC? Based on what you're describing, your issue sounds much more like a forceful letdown issue than a tongue tie issue. Baby gaining well despite fast feedings, lots of fussiness, lots of gas.
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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    I am looking for more info on excercises post tt release.

    Meanwhile, can you elaborate on what is going with baby that is so severe you would consider not breastfeeding? Baby is gaining well-is nursing painful for you? (that is the other typical major "symptom" of tongue tie.)

    Colic, gas and fussiness can be very hard for baby and mom, but not typicaly an indication that formula feeding is the better choice.

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    To be honest I probably was being a bit dramatic lol! It's just my LO has been so miserable that I wonder if formula would make him more content. Purely because he never seems satisfied after a feed. He seems to have got worse in the sense he hardly feeds for anytime before the fussing starts. I know his weight gain is good, although some say he is too big!? My husband is away as in army so I've been doing it alone so I guess so days it has got on top of me. She was a IBCLC and she feels the TT would cause all the probs and she did say give it a couple of weeks so I am being inpatient!

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    Default Re: tongue tie help pls

    If I have got forceful letdown what do you think I should do. I tried block feeding before as I wondered about it so only feed off one but I do now alternate each feed. If I'm honest I'm in a bit of a mess with feeding now. I am however going to a BF support group on Friday and have health visitor coming Thurs and could go back to the LC again privately x

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