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Thread: weaning to get pregnant??

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    Default weaning to get pregnant??

    My LO is 17 months now and nursing around 4 times x day (sometimes one at night, but mostly not yeiii), I wouldn't mind nursing him until he is 2, but I am afraid that nursing him might stop me from getting pregnant again.
    I got my period back like 3 months ago but it is still very irregular, sometimes 25-day cycles, others 40-day cycles, so I don't know where I stand in terms of wanting to get pregnant again soon (maybe in a couple of months).
    If I wean him, will my body start regulating my period the way it used to be, does it not work that way?
    Thanks for the advice!

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    Default Re: weaning to get pregnant??

    It's common for your first few postpartum cycles to be different from your pre-baby norm. Longer/shorter/heavier/lighter. Give it a few months to even out, and don't worry about weaning. AFAIK, weaning/not weaning isn't going to do anything to change how your body "regulates" your cycle, nor does a "regulated" cycle really impact your chances of getting pregnant. Once your period is back, and has been back for a few months, your chances of getting pregnant again are generally not impacted at all, even if you continue to nurse quite frequently.

    The 2 things I would suggest doing are, one, to start charting your cycle, and two, to think about seeing your doctor or midwife if things don't go back to a more regular pattern in the next few months. There are physical conditions- aside from nursing- that can impact both your cycle and your fertility.

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    Default Re: weaning to get pregnant??

    I agree with pp. P

    Perhaps just start ttc, and see how you go for a few months before you think about weaning, I managed to get pregnant twice while breastfeeding, so it definitely is possible.

    All the best

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