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Thread: he refuses one of my breasts

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    250 g = 8.8 oz. That's excellent. Kellymom.com says that 0-4 month old infants typically gain around 5-8 oz per week (see http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/weight-gain/).

    Keep on with the good work, mama! All that feeding is clearly getting good results!

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    [QUOTE=@llli*mamadealex;1320169]Hi, thanks for your answers, this week he gained more weight, 250 grs (5th week). Sorry, I don't know the equivalence in pounds. Poops continue being the same: this week twice. He continues nursing very often, ten to twelve times a day,or even more, some days I think I am always nursing him..he does not stop, just for half an hour or so...he specially did this about third week, and now (we are about to begin 6th week) again...this morning I was constantly nursing, without almost any stop, just in the afternoon he has fallen asleep, and I am pumping now. He continues crying at my left brat after he latch, sometimets, and I continue effering it to him.

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