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Thread: how do you know if you have thrush?

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    Default how do you know if you have thrush?

    I am a first time mom and not sure if my 5.5 month old ds and I have thrush. His symptons are: bright red skin irratation near his back hole and looks like white patches on his check (kinda like it something has been rubbing on his checks) my symtpons: extremely soreness at the base of my nipples, at the base shiney in color and seem to be peeling. my nipples are not cracked or bleeding thank god!!

    my ds is also starting to teeth (gums are really hard but no teeth pooping through yet) so I don't know if sometimes he may be using me as a chew toy. If so maybe that is why I am sore.

    I was wondering if I should make an appt with his dr if we do have thrush?

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    Default Re: how do you know if you have thrush?


    I got this resource from kellymom.com


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