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Thread: When do I pump now?

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    So, back from the LC.... baby gained nearly 2 ozs a day since monday, just eating from the breast with decreasing amounts of supplement each day (250, 150, 50). The LC was blown away and I need to learn to have more faith in myself because WOW.

    She said that from now on I should only pump in the morning and possibly at night if I feel I need to.

    That makes me extremely nervous because now I have no way to judge my supply.... but perhaps it's time for me to relax about this whole thing.

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    So awesome, mama!!! WOW indeed!

    Relaxing about the pump, and about measuring intake- yeah, that's one of the hardest things. I stopped needing to use my rental pump after about 2 months, but I couldn't bring myself to return it until my LC called and said she needed it back, for a lady with twins! After that I felt silly about hanging onto it... But I totally understand the self-doubt and worry that can make you want to keep pumping, and keep measuring!

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