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Thread: Help needed. 6 days old, bottles..

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    Default Help needed. 6 days old, bottles..

    Sorry for a long post...

    My baby was born at 37 weeks (induction). First 24 hours she was nursing, but it was painful. They noticed that she had tongue-tight. They fixed it, but it was too painful to nurse. I started expressing milk and giving it to her with a syringe and a finger. I tried to latch her, and sometimes it work, but not all the time. She was getting most of her food though a syringe. We saw a lactation consultant (at DayOne Palo Alto). During the first visit not much happened. We came home, continued to latch her and supplementing with a syringe. The baby is either too sleepy or too frustrated and angry. And these stages alternate within minutes. She just switches of and falls asleep in the middle of feedings.

    We saw the same LC the next morning. She convinced us to try the shields and bottles that don't really feed the baby unless she sucks. We agreed to those measures, as we were pretty frustrated and worried that the baby is too sleepy all the time and not getting enough.

    She was able to latch on the shield, but she would passively suck for hours and then fall asleep. Not sure she was getting enough.

    Anyway, we went to see a different consultant today, at PAMF (Joanna Koch). Her diagnosis was that the baby has two problems: bad sucking due to the sever tongue-tight (she was doing it wrong for months in uterus). And even bigger issue is her extreme sleepiness (as she insists, due to be born at 37 weeks). Also, due to all the frustration, baby starts getting stressed at the breast.So her verdict is to exclusively bottle feed with expressed milk, to let her gain weight and mature. And then start switching her back to breast. As of right now - only doing skin-to-skin, and allowing baby to latch in the laid-back position, if she wants it.

    I hate this situation, and hate the idea of bottles, as I am afraid we will never go back. But everything she said makes sense... I think we will try doing this. I do have a lot of milk that I pump..

    What do you think? Were you able to go back to breast from the bottle? I am very scared. It is all so stressful. and emotional. Right now we are sticking to this bottle routine. Joanna promised us that the baby will have all the chances of getting back on the breast. But I am scared.

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    Default Re: Help needed. 6 days old, bottles..

    It's very frustrating when breast feeding isn't what you thought it would be. 3 years ago I had my DD and was devestated with the breastfeeding issues we had. I have inverted nipples so I couldn't get her to latch without a shield for the life of me. I remember feeling stressed all the time and angry that I couldnt do what we were made to do. I didn't think it was going to be rainbows and butterflies but I certainly didn't expect there to be any issues. I worked with 2 different consultants, and found it to be way too much work then it should have been, but I was determined that I wanted her on breastmilk. She would nurse for maybe 10minutes, fall asleep for 20, wake up and feed, fall asleep etc. This cycle went on for weeks, I felt like a walking pacifier. I was nursing her, then pumping right after nursing, then pumping two hours later, then nursing again. I hated the idea of pumping at first, because I was so adament about breast feeding. At about 3-4 months she finally latched without help from anything. I threw my hands in the air and then pumped for her entire first year. In my mind she was on breast milk, weither it be direct or indirect, and that is what made me happy.

    Now this february I had my son. I knew what problems I could possibly face so right away I started pumping, he wouldn't latch either so again with the nipple shield. His first day was syringe feeding because he wouldn't latch on properly. Before I knew it I was pumping without even giving nursing a good shot once we got home. I did build up a very nice freezer stash though. With both my kids I seem to make up my mind and want to just pump and then change my mind and want to nurse. So for the last month I have been working at getting him nursing more or equal to the amounts that I am pumping and it has worked! It's been a bit frustrating, sometimes he would be so upset because he wanted that bottle and would just refuse the breast. I would wait and try to get him latched for 5 minutes, see what his level of frustration was and then either continue to try to get him on or go and get a bottle. Now he wants to nurse more then getting the bottles. I found the best position for us starting to transition back to nursing was laying down with him in our bed and nursing. If I'm not relaxed or I'm feeling tense about nursng at that feeding I won't nurse and will just give him a bottle. I would also feed him his bottle with my shirt off, I did the same for my daughter as well. I also put my face as close to his when feeding him a bottle, he'll nestle right in to my cheek and being able to smell him and feel his breath gives me that euphoric feeling, it's weird.

    What about trying to get her latched after a feed or during the middle of one? How long does she want you to do this particular routine? You could always tweak her routine and try once a day or once a week. Just experiment with different positions and different times of day. I completely understand you feeling scared, but don't be! There are so many resources and information out there to help and this forum is a great tool, the people on here are wonderful. I wish I would of found it when I had my first. The way I think is, do what works best for you and baby at that moment.

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    Default Re: Help needed. 6 days old, bottles..

    My first thread is around here somewhere. I'll have to see if I can find it for you.

    But basically: My son is now 5 weeks old. I spent the first 4 weeks of his life pumping and bottle feeding. He also used a pacifier. In the hospital the nurses told us he was latched well and on the day we left the hospital consultant came in and told us he was not and insisted I pump and supplement immediately.

    Well fast forward through a lot of drama, heartache, discovery of an upper lip tie, a sleepy baby who falls asleep at the breast (AND the bottle) and a whole lot of pumping and work to strengthen his weak suck, baby is now breastfeeding.

    I'm not going to lie, it was a LOT of work, and we're still struggling to make sure he gets enough, but he's doing it.

    Ask your new LC about exercises to develop his suck. We had to tug on everything that went into his mouth. Now he could double as a vacuum cleaner.

    After lots and lots of research (way too much, I got information overload and almost quit, so be careful!) I discovered that by 1-2 months MOST babies with issues can do it.. they just need to grow into it, and that's why you supplement till they can. It takes a lot of persistence but it's SO worth it.

    Hang in there and please feel free to use this forum for support. I did, and it made a huge difference.
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    Default Re: Help needed. 6 days old, bottles..

    How many times per day does baby get a chance to nurse at the breast? I totally understand the rationale behind feeding baby with a bottle, at least for now. But I also feel strongly that keeping the baby on the breast for at least a couple feedings per day can help her remember how to latch, and can ultimately help you transition to EBF in the future.

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