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Thread: How old is too old for a pump

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    Hello, I have a 2004 Medela Pump in Style. I used it a bit for my son two years ago. I gave up because of low milk flow. I am now pregnant again and wondering if it is too old to use again. I am working through my insurance company to see what they now offer.

    I had a breast reduction. I am working to eat all the best food to increase milk supply. Further on in the pg I will do the mother's milk etc.

    Any particular pump that I should be looking at or just get a new PIS.



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    Default Re: How old is too old for a pump

    If you can get something new from your insurance company, that would be awesome! But - I imagine that the pump will work just fine. You could call Medela and ask them if they recommend you change any of the internal parts out. If you think you might have low production because of the breast reduction surgery, it might be a good idea to rent a hospital grade pump for the first couple of months to make sure that you have the best possible pump for that issue.

    Good luck!

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    I'm still using my Medela Pump in Style Advanced that I bought in 2007 (when my first child was born). I think the shelf life varies a bit from pump to pump, even the same model/brand of pump. But if you had trouble with low supply last time, I agree with PP that a hospital-grade rental may be the best thing in the beginning. At that point you can figure out whether your old pump seems to be working well, or purchase a new pump if needed.

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