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Thread: Left side used to have more milk, now opposite

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    Default Left side used to have more milk, now opposite

    Not sure what I did it flip the lopsidedness. I can only pump .3 oz from the left side now. Baby nurses shorter on the left before coming off but I put him back on and do compressions. I used to pump 2oz from the left, 1/2oz on the right. Now the right side I get almost 2 oz. I sometime offer left first sometimes right.

    I didn't notice a gradual change, more like it flipped overnight. It's been this way for a couple of weeks now.

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    Default Re: Left side used to have more milk, now opposite

    Lopsided milk production is really only a problem if it's causing you to be visibly asymmetrical or if baby rejects one breast because it has too little milk for his liking, or too much. If this is an invisible problem and baby is nursing fine on both breasts, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    If you want to bring production up on the underachieving side, simply offer that side more frequently and/or pump it more often, and for longer periods. Sometimes evening out production is as simple as always offering the underperforming breast first.

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