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Thread: Breastfeeding While Pregnant

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    I recently found out that I'm pregnant again, probably about 8-9 weeks along. My first born is only 5.5 months old. I want to continue exclusively breastfeeding him up to the one year mark but I've been reading up on it and everything says he may self-wean before then and that my milk will turn into colostrum when I'm 4-5 months along. I detest formula with every fiber of my being, so that's not even an option. Has anyone else dealt with pregnancies this close together and still been able to EBF the whole time? Did you have to wean to animal milk or formula?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    When nursing and pregnancy overlap, the biggest concern is milk supply. Many women- around 80%, IIRC- lose some or all supply during pregnancy. There is nothing you can do about this because it is hormonally driven- herbs won't help, more nursing or more pumping won't help. But even if you lose some or all of your supply, you can still nurse; breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing, and even "dry" nursing has benefits (like helping you connect and mother, helping baby's mouth develop properly).

    Until a year breastmilk or formula need to be the baby's primary source of nutrition, because no other substance, no other food or animal milk, is as well-matched to a baby's needs. So if you do find that your supply dwindles, I think you are going to need to look for donor milk or ro rethink your position on formula. I truly get why you hate it, I really do!

    If you are one of the moms who do maintain supply, your milk will not simply "turn back into colostrum", though it will have a fraction of colostrum in it once your body starts producing colostrum again.

    There's a book out there called "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" that I think you might be interested in reading.

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    i weaned my 2 year old during this pregnancy, but my milk was largely gone by the end of hte first trimester. i helped it along (inadvertently) by eating a lot of peppermint to deal with nausea. now at 27 weeks i can easily express colostrum. and mommal, even for moms who don't lose their supply, i do believe that the milk will turn back to colostrum at the end of pregnancy/around birth, for the new baby?

    in other words, you're probably going to have to get some donor milk or use formula at some point during the pregnancy.

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