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    My LO is 3 weeks old. She used to be content when she was awake, but now that she is awake more during the day and late at night all she wants to do is eat. If she doesn't fall asleep after a feeding she gets fussy and demands to eat again. Sometimes she will do this continuously for hours then becomes overtired and cries. The only way to calm her down is to feed her again. She doesn't care for rocking, white noise or swaddling. The problem is I have a strong milk supply so anytime I feed her on both sides (or more) she spits up a lot or chokes. If I try to sway her from eating again she gets more upset. I don't know what to do to calm her down without her over eating.

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    I assume your baby is gaining well? If not, please let us know.

    Normally a mom need never worry about baby overeating at the breast. Nursing A LOT is a deep ingrained survival instinct because your baby has to gain weight extremely quickly. It is very common for a baby to kind of “wake up” after a couple weeks and “request” (at this age, it actually may be more like a demand) to nurse much more often and more frantically. So nursing basically constantly, wanting to nurse for comfort, and yes, even spitting up, are all entirely normal and healthy at this age.

    To help your baby handle the fast flow if you think it is a problem, I would suggest-continue to nurse frequently, do not "make" baby switch sides during a feeding (if baby is happy nursing one side at a time, great) and try leaning back a little so baby is more 'on top' of you. There is more info here but FYI I do NOT suggest block feeding this young. http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

    Milk production typically peaks around this time. it will naturally "level off" over the next few weeks. Also, over time your baby will be come able to go longer in between feedings as baby gets bigger and stronger.

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    with all the above. I also want to point out that spitting up is not a sign that baby has been overeating. Babies spit up because the muscle sphincters that keep stomach contents down are, like all of a baby's other muscles, fairly weak. But just like your baby's core muscles will someday be strong enough to help her roll over, and her arms and legs will be strong enough to push her up into a crawling position, her sphincters will grow strong enough to hold her tummy contents down where they belong. So don't worry about big spit-ups. Just lay in lots of bibs and burp cloths and extra onesies, and swab out her neck rolls- spit-up can get in there and fester and irritate.

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