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    I will try to be as clear and short as possible, but I really need some help! I am soo worried!

    My daughter is just over 5 months old.

    I went back to work full time just over 2 months ago.

    I used to have a bit of an over supply from pumping to store my milk every day.

    I stopped all extra pumping and started only pumping when I was at work and she was eating. I EBF on the weekends.

    For the 1st month (DD 3mnths) it was GREAT! I still had borderline over supply, and some issues with fast let down. I would get 3 4.5-5.5oz bottles a day and she wouldn't always finish them.

    The 2nd month (DD 4mnths) I noticed a decrease in what I was able to produce at work.
    Struggling to get 3 4oz bottles. My sister and Mom (who watch my DD) told me DD seems to be still hungry after her bottles.

    I increased what I was nursing her at night and overnight. (this is NOT fun over night)

    Well for the past 3 weeks (now 5 months) I have not even been able to get 3 4oz bottles. I can only get 1 4oz and 2 3oz bottles. I think this is because she is nursing so much overnight. 2-3 times. She has even cried for more milk when with my mom and sister.

    We have started her on purees now as she seems VERY interested and hungry. But she is not consuming much. she is more exploring the taste and texture. I let her feed herself mostly. I only put a few spoons fulls in her mouth at first then let her feed herself with the spoon and her fingers.

    On the weekends I EBF and she is back to only waking 1 time per night and I nurse her very often during the day. But I notice by end of night I am VERY VERY VERY drained, and if i pump before I got to bed I only get a half oz of milk. which is an hour after she goes to sleep. I have only done this twice now.

    So my new plan is pumping 5 times a day to get her more milk, but I have noticed I am only getting 1 extra ounce in 2 more pumpings.... I seem to just be getting less milk when I pump. Pumping 5 times is EXHAUSTING But I have only done it 2 times. So I assume I will eventually make more. I am also going to pump in the mornings and before bed on the weekends in addition to Breast Feeding on demand to try to get more supply again.

    My DD also has not gained any weight in 1 month. This makes me sick. I don't know what more to do. And my sister reminds me that it will take a while to produce more. and eventually the extra pumpings will produce more milk. She also over this time of not gaining weight has more than enough wet and poop diapers. started being VERY distractable while nursing. started rolling and trying so hard to scoot on her belly. She has even been hard to get to nap she is so busy.

    It just blows my mind that pumping has decreased over the last month and a half and not increased.

    But I also skipped about 8 pumping sessions over time.... and I think it was a vicious cycle of her eating more over night which makes me produce less the next day...

    HELP~! I just don't know what more I can do.

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    How many hours total are you away from you baby each day?

    Besides the tastes of purees does your baby recieve ANY thing else besides your milk, ever? -water, juice, formula?

    Have you checked your pump-changed membranes, checked tubing, had the suction actually tested? Pumps malfunction and parts/motors DO wear out.

    Your body is designed to make ENOUGH for your baby, not too much. So if baby has been nursing all day, pumping a half ounce means you made a half ounce extra. In other word, that pump output at that time is normal.

    It CAN be hard to maintain production after returning to work, because pumping is not the same as nursing. It does not stimulate production the way nursing does. So generally, baby nursing lots when you are with baby is A GOOD thing. In other words, do not reduce the times your baby nurses in order to get better output when you pump at work. It just does not work that way.

    The AAP recommends solids introduced at 6 months. Any particular reason you are introducing them now?

    My DD also has not gained any weight in 1 month.
    Were the two weight checks that show baby did not gain anything done on the same scale? Was it at the baby's doctors? What did the doctor say? How many days apart were these checks? Was baby ill ever during or anything else unuual happen during this time? How was weight gain previously?

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    Hi there,

    I know a lot of other mamas will chime in with great advice and help...

    Just a few thoughts that came to my mind when reading.

    - what pump do you use? Double electric I assume since pumping for work. Have you replaced any of the replaceable parts like the membranes?
    - my LO is also 5 months (tomorrow) and distractibility is also making nursing during the day harder.
    - weight gain slows down a lot when they start to become active. I've noticed that with both my kids. Are you using a very sensitive scale to do the weight checks? Same scale, naked, etc?
    - did you try drinking more water? I hate eating oatmeal but always find it helps boost supply. I saw it with pumping output with my first one (haven't pumped much with my second as I haven't returned to work but I definitely feel a boost with my second when I have oatmeal)...
    - for pumping, I have always been too lazy to do compressions but on e I started to, it really helps. Some also find that hand expression after pumping can give them a little more ( for me it was maybe another half ounce... Some say another ounce or two)

    Hope this helps a bit. You will get through this "hump".... I had "issues" on and off with my first one and in looking back, I was able to breastfeed for 1.5 years... But i understand the concerns bc I still have them with my second and post and get answers or support from these forums. You have come to the right place!

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    I only weighed her on my home scale at home. So no it is not very accurate. she is just under 16 lbs. and is just over 5 months old. I introduced solids at 5 months because she REALLY wants and tries to eat our food. we let her taste a few things and she just wanted it. So I decided to do purree's on her high chair and let her explore and try to feed herself. Which she actually does. I am just not sure how much she is actually consuming. I have put a few spoonfuls in her mouth to taste it, and I know she consumes some then, but I don't want to force her I want her to do it on her own. She gets nothing else besides that. And we only do that at dinner when we are eating and she sits in her high chair. Besides that she is only nursed when I am with her and gets her 3 bottles at my sisters or moms. She is there from 8am until 445pm. she nurses with me at 730am and 530pm. Then usually at 730pm 9pm and once overnight. Though lately its 1-3 times at night. We are now offering her 4 bottles while I am at work, but it is almost the same ounces. and she is not crying in hunger, but seems to be able to eat more once the bottle is gone.
    I have not changed anything on my pump. it is a double electric. Medela advanced I believe it is. I bought it used from someone i know and have not replaced anything. except the membranes after I boiled all the parts. But I was pregnant when I did all that.

    When I really think about it, I know she is doing ok because she has enough wets and poops. and she isnt crying to eat. And when she does seem like she is still hungry after she eats her 3-4oz bottle she makes up for it by over night nursing.

    I just wish i produced enough for her to be full like she is when I am not working. I am worried my supply willl continue to decrease. I do not want to supplement.

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    Hi mama, definitely change the membranes and valves out. Some mothers find they need to change them every 2 months or even more often. That one simple change can make a big difference!

    How often are you pumping during the day and for how long? Agree with PP's suggestion about the hand compressions, too.

    As for solids, as the saying goes, "solids before one is just for fun" - ie for baby to learn tastes, textures, and the motor skills she needs to feed herself. Nutrition comes from breastmilk. So don't worry about how much solids she's eating. If anything, you want to be sure that solids doesn't replace breastmilk - for example by nursing before giving solids.

    Also agree that it's common for weight gain to slow down at this point, and for babies to be really distractible. A quiet, dark, boring room can help. If I remember correctly you have an older child - for me the older kids are the biggest distraction! So if DH can entertain your older child, or if you can set up something for your older child to do, that may help.

    Your sister is right, if you continue the extra pumping, your supply will increase - and similarly, that nighttime nursing is great for supply! That in and of itself may be enough to boost your daytime pump output. And is also common when baby becomes more distractible and less interested in nursing during waking hours.

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