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Thread: Is what I'm doing normal/okay?

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    Default Is what I'm doing normal/okay?

    DD will only nurse during fussy times while I hold her and pace. She will fall asleep whiler nursing and then want to nurse again about 45-60 minutes later. Is it normal and okay that I let her sleep during her fussy time? I'm not cheating, am I?

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    Default Re: Is what I'm doing normal/okay?

    do you mean she only nurses when she's fussy? or that during some of her fussy times, the only way she'll nurse is if you hold her & walk? the latter is normal. falling asleep while nursing is normal. eating every hour (start of nursing to start of nursing) is normal for many babies.

    how old is she? what is her weight history? how many poops/wets per day?
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    Default Re: Is what I'm doing normal/okay?

    What's cheating about calming your baby down in the most effective way? That's the great thing about breastfeeding. It's good for so many things besides just nutrition. Walking mimics the motion in the womb so you're giving her the two most soothing things she's had in her short life. And just think of the extra calories you're burning when carrying her!

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    Default Re: Is what I'm doing normal/okay?

    Can you clarify your concern? Are you concerend baby will nurse too much, because you walk while nursing her, or not enough because she falls alsep in your arms and you DON'T wake her to nurse her? Or is there another concern?

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