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Thread: I think we're done...now what?

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    Default I think we're done...now what?

    My DD is 11 months and one week old today (July 23). She has been biting me while nursing for the past three weeks. Yesterday she did not nurse at all, she only bit. She happily took breast milk from a sippy cup for three feedings after the non stop biting in the morning. (The milk was in the freezer. I only have enough frozen milk for about 3 more feedings.) I would happily pump and sippy feed for the next three weeks but I'm not able to pump more than an ounce or two now. (Up until this biting started I could pump a whole feeding amount [3+ ounces] at one time so this is rare for me to only get two ounces max.) I am wondering if I should transition her to formula for the next three weeks until her first birthday or switch straight to cow's milk. Interestingly, my son did this exact same thing when he was 11 months and two weeks old. At that point, our pediatrician recommended I wean him to cow milk and not do formula. Today I spoke to that same pediatrician's medical assistant and she told me to switch DD to formula for three weeks. DD is only one week younger than my son was and it was OK for him to have cow milk. Does a week really make a difference? Also, is there something going on with my body that would slow milk production? I think it's really weird to have this happen to both my kids at almost the exact same time.

    I also want to add that I know it is possible to bring my supply back but I really only wanted to nurse to a year anyway. At this point I feel it will be easier to pump what little milk I can and wean onto something else. I'm just not sure what that something else should be... I hate the thought of formula. I'd rather do cow milk but I'm afraid now that the med assistant told me to do formula.
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    Default Re: I think we're done...now what?

    Maybe ask your pediatrician? Normally the advice is formula or breastmilk until age one, but your pediatrician knows baby's health history and the family history so if he/she says it's okay to transition to cow's milk a bit earlier, then you can feel more comfortable doing that. In any case, whatever breastmilk you are able to pump, will be beneficial to baby during the transition.

    Hard to know whether it's a coincidence that this happened to both your kids at the same time or not....

    I guess the one other thought I have is that this _could_ be a strike, rather than weaning, so you might want to consider back-to-breast techniques - even if you are planning to wean at a year, if baby decides to latch back on in the meantime it could still make life easier, you know? Here are some suggestions from kelly mom: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

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    Default Re: I think we're done...now what?

    Are you ready to wean mama? If not, don't stop pumping. But if you are, then don't feel guilty about not doing everything to get her back to the breast.

    I think these days they are concerned that your baby won't get enough nutrients if they are switched to primarily cows milk before a year. How many solids is your daughter eating? Would the milk just be supplemental to that? What's the harm in doing formula for a couple weeks and then switching to cows milk? Honestly, I don't think three weeks would make a difference, but I'm not a medical provider.

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