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Thread: Difficulty keeping baby awake

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    Zr is 4 weeks old. She was very gassy so we had to stop breast feeding for 2days and give her formula while I pumped and went to a gluten free diet. Now when I breast feed her she eats for 5 minutes and falls asleep. No matter what I do (change her, tickle, undress her) she will give me another minute until she passes out again. That would be great but her hunger takes over 20 minutes later and we go through the same routine again. When I give her pumped breast milk she only will sleep for 1-2 hours before she's up and hungry again. When I was giving her formula she was sleeping upwards of 3 hours. Would I dry out if I supplement formula at night even if I continue to pump? Will the switch upset her stomach? Would it diminish my supply if I pump? Any tips would help.

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    Is your babies weight gain normal?

    How many times a day does baby nurse?

    Does baby take a longer sleep stretch ever when nursing only? Or is baby never asleep more than 20 minutes?

    How many times a day is baby given a bottle and how much is on it?

    How many times a day do you pump and what is your average output?

    I think it may help to understand that your baby needing to nurse frequently at this age is normal. But a 4 week old falling asleep at the breast constantly seems out of the ordinary which is why I am asking about weight gain and supplementation.

    I am surprised you were told to stop nursing, give your infant formula, and drastically change your diet because your baby was "gassy." What does that mean, exactly?

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    Default Re: Difficulty keeping baby awake

    Mine is also 4 weeks old and falls asleep at the breast quite frequently. I'm in the same boat as you there, but we also have latching issues. I'd also like to know if there are any good tricks to keeping baby awake.

    He eats every hour, hour and a half or two hours max when given pumped breastmilk. My understanding is this is totally normal. I was tempted to give Formula at night to get more sleep as I also have to pump and our schedules never sinc (meaning I don't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time often) but I try to keep in mind that this period in his life is really so short, that it's worth it to commit not to supplementing as much as possible. I have read it can very negatively affect your supply. If you do end up doing it, I would suggest pumping when baby feeds.

    You'll get lots of great advice here. These ladies are awesome.

    Hang in there. I know it's really rough.

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